The CapsuleXE is a laminar flow isolation chamber, the capsule designed
shape allows easy transportation of highly contagious patient.


Offers a fast and temporary isolation for people
contaminated with infectious particles.

he cover enables safe transportation of patients who may represent
sanitary risks.


The XE capsule works by regulating the internal pressure in the flexible dome, keeping it inflated with negative pressure which channels all the airflow throughout an HEPA grade filter, preventing any germs exposure.

In other terms, the airpump or negative pressure generator incorporated in the system causes that any pathogen that would be inside the dome or in its vicinity, to be sucked throughout the filter instead of being released to the environment. This system achieves the same results that an hermetic seal, but facilitates the work of the healthcare personnel and provides greater safety.

Facilitates the work of the healthcare personnel because they can interact with the patient with more freedom and they are able to introduce to the chamber hoses or other medical instruments.

Provides greater safety because even in extreme cases such as a convulsive patient tearing the capsule, this would not collapse and the environment of the patient would keep isolated, because all the infectious particles would be sucked to the filter.


- Complete patient isolation

- Positive and negative pressure control with HEPA grade filtered output.

- Power supply of 110V (or 220 under request).

- Reusable.

- Two ports for arms access.

- One port for hoses and cables access.

- Battery with autonomy of 4 hours.

- Digital indicator of battery charge level.

- Ability to use on an outpatient or fixed basis.

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